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Curam thiriodh

Cùram Thiriodh took a big step forward this week as a new company was set up.

Advised by Trust solicitor Mark Ewing, the group, which is aiming to build a new care centre for Tiree and Coll, have agreed to the structure for the new organisation. This will be a company limited by guarantee and they will be applying in the near future for charitable status.

Time is short as the group have also been asked by the community to prepare themselves for a bid to run the existing services for The Eventide Home and home care. The paperwork for this has to be in by the end of April. Five directors of the new company were elected by the group. They are – Dr John Holliday, Dr Celine O’ Neill from Coll, Kate MacCallum, Christine MacDonald and Catriona Cowling. More directors will follow in the next few weeks.

All directors will stand down in a matter of months at a public general meeting, when a new Board will be elected. A letter has been sent to the Council, the Health Board and local Housing Associations asking for a meeting about the building of a new care centre.