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Loch a Phuill and Loch Bhasapol Fishing

letters to editor

Many’s the time I have fished these waters with my companions, catching trout on barbless hooks and returning them to the water, drinking tea and putting the world to right, and spotting the odd otter with a bit luck. But that was a few years ago.

Being a former secretary of the Tiree Angling Club I feel that you and your readers should know the position of fishing in these waters now. Several years ago the Club had the lease of the waters from Argyll Estates but one year the Estate refused to renew the lease but in fairness to them they still allowed members of the Club to fish the waters albeit each member had to purchase a permit from them.

This year one of our members applied for a permit and was told by Argyll Estates that no permits were being issued and he would no longer be allowed to fish on the waters. On pursuing this matter I have since found out that six permits will be made available for local residents so Argyll Estates are still not saying that you cannot fish they are just making it a bit more difficult to do so. Permits last year cost £90 but this year a permit will cost £200 with restrictions in as much as a permit holder will only be allowed to fish ten times.

I think it is incredible that in this day and age Argyll Estates can ride roughshod over individuals living on the island and increase the cost of a fishing permit by over 100% and stipulate the number of times they may use it. One would wonders if they are trying to keep local residents from fishing the waters by their pricing and rules policy and that they may have more lucrative rods to fish the waters and local rods would just be a nuisance.

I would be interested to hear view points from other An Tirisdeach readers on this matter.

Bill Campbell

Fish Farm For Coll?


The Crown Estate has confirmed that they have been approached by a party interested in putting a fish farm in the waters around the Isle of Coll, and that they have granted the said party a lease option to do so.

Due to confidentiality they will release no further details as to the exact location but have said that the potential fish farmers still have to undertake a variety of feasibility surveys and then if they wish to further develop the idea planning permission from Argyll & Bute Council will have to be applied for.

If it gets to this stage and permission is granted then the Crown Estate will issue the lease. The Crown Estate are not able to say what fish will be farmed, but as the majority of fish farmed in Scottish waters are Salmon, that may be a possibility.