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Jennie’s Garden wins ACHA Hat Trick!

ACHA introduced the Tiree Tenants Garden Competition three years ago and Jennie Niven has been the worthy winner every year.

Jennie wasn’t aware of the competition at first until approached by an ACHA staff member to allow her to submit pictures of her garden. This garden is a wee hidden gem, the colours are stunning and provide vibrant splashes amongst the more sedate areas of calm and tranquillity.You will find roses, pinks (which visitors remark on the wonderful perfume) asters, petunias, marigolds, anemones, love in the mist and pansies.

Jennie has been a keen gardener since childhood when helping her Dad in the garden was a welcome escape from an overcrowded house. She has lovingly cultivated her garden, setting herself yearly challenges to see what she can grow next, the newest addition are late blooming Japanese anemones (right). Jennie is always amazed at how the delicate blooms withstand the Tiree gales however, her first attempt at growing Lily of the Valley (Jennie’s favourite plant) was destroyed by the sheep but fortunately a fence was built around the garden providing protection. She’s taking no chances this year and keeping the plant indoors until after Winter.

When she first won the award Jennie thought it was a “wind up” but says the award makes her realise her garden is appreciated. Her prize is a trophy engraved with the winner’s name plus £30 gift vouchers which go towards the purchase of more seeds. Keep up the good work!