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The visualizations seen on the visit to Morecambe Bay highlighted many of the issues if the development goes ahead. SPR’s June visualizations were in all probability based upon the wrong foundation type . These were based on Monopile Foundation. Of interest, at Scottish & Southern Energy’s Greater Gabbard Array, near Lowestoft, these foundations experienced nearly 100% grouting failure. Similarly, 50% grouting failure occurred at a Danish off shore wind farm. This grouting , just like your bathroom tiles, is what joins the turbine to its foundation. Only in this case it didn’t ! Night time flicker has yet to be addressed.

National Windfarm Conference

NTA attended, and made a presentation of the Offshore Plan. Incredibly, most of the 300 delegates had no knowledge of Scottish Government’s Offshore Plan. Neither were they aware that the proposed Tiree Array represents 40 % of that plan. They were staggered at its size. Even the MSP chairperson was honest enough to admit, that he had no idea of the extent of the proposed Tiree Array. Health Issues were a major presentation. Predictably Renewables UK, the body that represents the wind farm industry, repeated its mantra that<br />

“There is simply no credible scientific evidence to suuport claims that infrasound from winfarms are a cause of sleep depravation or any other negative health impacts.”

Speakers at this Conference presented credible scientific evidence that windfarms constitute a health risk.

ormonde jacket foundationJacket Foundations are the ugly bugs of the turbine world. These, according to SPR’s Aug 2010 Scoping Request p13, are the most likely foundation type for the proposed Array. SPR assured  Tiree that this would be addressed. It now transpires, however, that SPR have no intention of offering any further visualisations until much closer to their planning application date . This is bad practice by SPR, but they can do it because the Licencing and Consenting Process allows them to get away with it. It’s a bit like showing a child a piece of cake, telling the youngster you’ll be back later with another piece, only to give him or her a nasty piece of out of date sponge with no icing this time!

An animated video of a possible Tiree Array “ lay-out” can be seen on

NTA is in discussions with Scottish Natural Heritage and Marine Scotland on all aspects of viewpoint selection and how to proceed to ensure participation in the planning process. This is to ensure you have visualisations of the proposed Array from viewpoints have selected. . Some of you may have read, or heard about, this report circulated by a major international investment bank. The report addressed an Independent Scotland’s fiscal ability to sustain ,and maintain, the current subsidy to developers. It received wide media attention and stated;-

“We would be very suprised if Scottish Power/Iberdrola  were to go ahead with the Argyll Array until the constitutional position of Scotland within the UK was settled”

NTA has asked Scottish Government to comment

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