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Tiree Community Development Trust News

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The Milton Harbour Project has been out to tender. We hope to announce the result in the next edition of An Tirisdeach and the proposed start date for the work is 1st April 2019.

The Trust has been conditionally awarded £131k from Visit Scotland’s Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund towards upgrading beach access car parks and extending the car park at The Business Centre. This forms around 70% of the costs required and an application to LEADER is ongoing to make up the funding package. Funding has also been secured from SNH, The Windfall Fund and Tiree Community Business.

Youth Worker Willie MacKinnon attended a Duke of Edinburgh training session in Inveraray and Lochgilphead along with Lydia Macajova, in preparation for leading a group of Tiree children to gain a Silver Award.

A visit from Fergus Murray, Head of Economic Development for Argyll & Bute Council, was delayed in early November for the second time and is now likely to be rescheduled in the new year.

At the time of writing a meeting was due to take place on Wednesday 14th November with crofters who participate in the Croft Camping Scheme to review the scheme.

The Trust recently welcomed Ishbel Campbell as the new Gaelic Development Officer. Ishbel will work part time (17.5 hours per week) continuing the fantastic work that Donna MacLean carried out during her time with the Trust including regular Gaelic Bookbug, Stradagan and School Gaelic Club sessions. Ishbel has also started weekly Gaelic classes for adults –if anyone is interested in beginner or intermediate classes please contact Ishbel for more information.

After completing a Gaelic course through Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Ishbel then completed a post graduate diploma (Gaelic Immersion for Teachers) via Strathclyde University and currently works part time as a primary teacher at the school on Tiree.

Harbour Development For Tiree?

This year has seen a number of success stories, due to the £9.58  million Coastal Communities Fund being available for towns and villages all over Scotland. Among many other succesful projects Stornaway has received a huge £250,000 to go towards building a floating heavy duty pontoon in Stornaway harbour.

In addition Lochboisdale Community Development has also been awarded £221,973 to regenerate an unused quayside in Southern Uist with the addition of a pontoon, along with Barra and Vatersay Community Ltd. who received a massive £698,568 to install a set of pontoons in Castleby Harbour for the use of local water sports clubs, local residents, or visiting yachtsmen.

All the above are excellent examples of what can be achieved within a small community, and perhaps something that is in great demand within our own community of Tiree? Tiree Trust are currently trying to set up a steering group to investigate the opportunity of developing a harbour project on the island, if you are interested in being involved in the steering group then please get in touch with a member of the Trust Team.

Tiree Community Development Trust – Windfall Fund

Tiree Trust LogoThe Windfall Fund is welcoming enquiries so please get in touch with a member of the Trust Team for an enquiry form or for more information. Please get in touch as soon as you have an idea for a project and don’t leave it to the last minute. Our LDO’s Jackie and Sam are also on hand to assist with match funding information and applications.

The following awards were made in May 2013:

  • Tiree Regatta Club received £1,185.00 towards running a 3 day sailing course for kids with Stramash
  • Tiree Young Farmers received £2,370.00 towards a trip to the Royal Highland Show to experience stock judging and to meet up with other Young Farmers groups.
  • Tiree Agricultural Society received £1,800 towards the main attraction for Tiree Agricultural Show 2013
  • Fèis Thiriodh & Tiree Music Festival received £710.00 towards Fèis na Fèise; tuition courses for advanced musicians that will run before the Tiree Music Festival 2013.
  • Freestyle Park Working Group received £200.00 to bring a skate park designer to Tiree to complete a site survey and draw plans.
  • Swimming Pool Steering Committee received £1,000 to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and office facilities while conducting a feasibility study on Tiree.
  • Dance Directionz received £520.60 towards starting up a dance group for people aged between 5 and 18
  • Rags to Riches received £1,508.00 towards the running of Rags to Riches.
  • Tiree Music Festival & Tiree Agricultural Society received £2,980.00 towards the cost of bringing portable showers & toilets to Tiree Music Festival & Tiree Agricultural Show.
  • Tiree Music Festival & Tiree Agricultural Society received £3,000 towards the cost of hiring tents and marquees for Tiree Music Festival & Tiree Agricultural Show.
  • Tiree Rural Development received £4,200 towards installing a septic tank in Scarinish for motor home users.
  • Tiree Resource Club received £7,225.00 towards the second year of the out-reach worker post and minibus project.

Tiree Community Development Trust

Tiree Trust LogoWindfall Fund

The Windfall Fund will be open to enquiries from Monday 10th September so please get in touch with a member of the Trust Team for an enquiry form or for more information.

Using the feedback received from the consultation day on 16th June, we have now split the Windfall Fund into the following categories:

  • Community Support Fund – Community Groups, Businesses and Individuals whose projects provide a clear benefit to Tiree are eligible to apply for funding up to £1,000. This fund will be open all year round and there is a standard application process. All applications are judged for eligibility according to set criteria.
  •  Community Investment Fund – Community Groups, Businesses and Individuals whose projects provide clear benefit to Tiree are eligible to apply for funding for larger scale, longer term projects, e.g. infrastructure projects. Funding in this category is not capped but will be limited by how much money is available at any given time. A minimum of 50% of available funds is allocated to this category.
  •  Comfort Fund – This fund aims to provide additional support to residents of Tiree who have to go to the mainland for hospital appointments. Please contact the Trust for more details.
  •  · Business Start-up Grant – This fund is open to anyone on Tiree who is starting a new business. A grant of £500 is available on approval of a business plan.
  •  Community Owned Buildings – A sum is allocated each year to support the maintenance of our community buildings on Tiree. Please let us know if your group owns or acquires an asset as you may be eligible.

 Community Partnership Fund

Since SPR announced their intention to develop a Community Partnership Fund (CPF) and as part of the Trust’s fact finding work surrounding the Tiree (Argyll) Array, we have been talking to SPR about what the Fund might be and what possible benefits it could bring to the community if the proposed Array was to go ahead. As a first stage of these discussions SPR have agreed to have the Tiree Growth Plan valued by an independent consultant. Unfortunately there have been delays associated with the tendering process which has knocked the original timescales back. Minutes of the initial meetings are available to read on our website and we will provide an update as soon as possible.

Tiree Community Development Trust Community Partnership Fund (CPF) Meeting with SPR


  • Tiree Trust LogoDate 14th February 2012
  • Time 7.30pm
  • Venue An Talla
  • Present Trust Directors : Roger Jarvis, John Bowler, Trudy MacKenzie, Pat Campbell, Fiona Munn , Tish MacKinnon, Kate MacCallum
  • Trust Staff: Andy Wright
  • Apologies: Mark Armstrong, Rosaleen Campbell
  • SPR: Donnie Campbell, Ralph Thornton (by phone)

1. Welcome and apologies.
2. Previous minutes were agreed with two amendments.
3. Timetable – SPR aim to have agreement in principle for presentations to the community by May 2012.
4. Protocols, Reporting and Consultation – This required no further discussion.
5. Argyll and Bute Council (Should be ABRA) – SPR stated it was up to the company to ensure that any Argyll wide
agreement under the auspices of Argyll & Bute Renewable Alliance (ABRA) had no impact on the final CPF sum
agreed with Tiree.
6. Composition of Fund Negotiating Body – It was agreed that the fund negotiating body would comprise RT
and DC from SPR, Trust Directors plus 2 or 3 members co-opted from the community. These would be separate
from paid legal or financial advisors. DC and IMK to think of candidates for next meeting.
7. Secretariat and Admin – This required no further discussion.
8. Composition of Fund Management Body – TCDT restated that it, as a democratically elected group of
community members with a mechanism in place for distributing community grants, is ideally set up to manage
any proposed CPF. SPR believed that TCDT would have a conflict of interest if it were the fund management
body. SPR would also want a representative on the fund management body. This was discussed but no
agreement was reached. Both SPR and TCDT to take legal advice with regards to distributing such a fund and
this will be discussed at future meetings.
9. Basis for Determination of Fund Amount – TCDT did not feel that the Community Growth Plan for Tiree
should be used as the basis for determining any proposed Fund amount, but that it should be a guide to
spending it. SPR favoured the use of the Plan as an objective starting point and offered to engage an
independent consultant to value it as a first step to allow the discussions to move forward. TCDT agreed but
reserved the right to advocate and explore other methods of determining the Fund amount. SPR will produce
a list of contractors and terms of engagement, to be agreed with TCDT.
10. Skills/Education/Training in 2012/2013 – It was agreed that a new Tiree based group should be formed
with representatives from TCDT, Tiree High School, Argyll College and SPR to produce a skills strategy for
Tiree. SPR indicated that this funding for this would replace sponsorships to local groups and events in the
Meeting closed at 9:15pm

Tiree Community Development Trust Community Partnership Fund (CPF) Meeting with SPR


  • Tiree Trust LogoDate 24th January 2012
  • Time 7.30pm
  • Venue An Talla
  • Present Trust Directors : Roger Jarvis, John Bowler, Mark Armstrong, Pat Campbell, Fiona Munn , Tish MacKinnon, Kate MacCallum, Rosaleen Campbell
  • Trust Staff: Andy Wright
  • Apologies: Trudy Mackenzie
  • SPR: Donnie Campbell, Ralph Thornton (by phone)

1. Welcome and introductions. RT gave some background to SPR’s plans to set up a Community Partnership Fund
for the people of Tiree. The Fund would be established this year possibly by April and would initially fund
skills, education and training in renewables sector. This would increase, if consent was given for the wind
farm, by tens of thousands of pounds. By 2019 there would be money in the fund for non educational/training
projects which would be a sum in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds at this stage.
2. It was agreed that the aim was to have community agreement on the role of these meetings by March/April
2012 (agreements in the meetings will be recommended to the community for ratification with the whole CPF
proposal being eventually agreed and ratified in this way), following 3 stages; Stage 1 – Establishing the basics
of how the fund will be set up and operated. Stage 2 – Establishing how the Fund will be managed and the
amount. Stage 3 – Bringing first two stages together with community agreement. Approval of that aspect of the
project would not influence approval or otherwise of other major aspects, which would be separate issues.
3. Protocols – Draft minutes of joint meetings for CPF will be prepared by AW and DC and approved by TCDT
and SPR at next meeting. Reporting – Joint updates in An Tirisdeach. Public Consultation – Public
Information Days (PIDs) after stage 1 & 2 then possibly a public meeting after stage 3 (to be discussed at future
4. Argyll and Bute Council are aware of the discussions about a CPF but are not looking to get involved.
Discussion took place about how this fund could potentially influence Council framework for other wind farms.
5. The composition of the Fund negotiating body was discussed. SPR suggested 3-4 Trust directors, 2 nominated
co-opts and 2 nominated co-opts appointed according to strict criteria plus 2 SPR. TCDT felt that as a
democratically elected group of community members, they are in a fair position to negotiate any proposed
fund. This would allow them to report back to the community what the potential benefit could be if the array
goes ahead. TCDT would likely seek expert advice from the Tiree community and beyond at various stages of
the discussions including the use of additional co-opted directors. This will be discussed further at future CPF
6. TCDT will take minutes of CPF meetings, which will be approved by TCDT and SPR at the following meeting
before being made available to the community.
7. The composition of the fund management body was discussed. This could be a current organisation on the
island which is set up to distribute funds such as TCDT, a variation of TCDT, a new body based on the Trust
model or a new community interest company specifically set up for this purpose. This will be discussed
further at future CPF meetings.
8. SPR suggested that the value of the CPF be based on the Community Growth Plan for Tiree, created by Tiree
Development Partnership and updated recently by the HIE Local Development Officer for Tiree. A discussion
took place about how the Plan could be valued. TCDT suggested valuing the Fund based on £ per MW or £ per
head as there is a precedent for this with other wind farms. SPR were of the view that the quantum could not
be based on MW or population and that the Growth Plan was a good basis. There was also a discussion about
whether income from Tiree’s community turbine would be taken into account in any potential funding of the
growth plan. This will be an ongoing topic of discussion at future CPF meetings.
9. Item Skills/Education/Training was deferred until the next meeting.
Meeting closed at 10pm

Community Notice From Tiree Trust And SPR

Tiree Trust LogoScottish Power Renewables logo

SPR has recently given a commitment to establish a Community Partnership Fund and to discuss with the community how to set it up. It has always been a priority for Tiree Community Development Trust to find out, on behalf of the community, more about what this could be if the proposed Array went ahead.

At the first public meeting held by SPR on Tiree it was announced that if the proposed wind farm development went ahead there would be financial benefit for the local community.

The first meeting between Tiree Trust and SPR to discuss the proposed Community Partnership Fund (CPF) took place on 24th January 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the process for agreement of the Fund. Points discussed, which will also be on the agenda for future meetings, were:

  • How the meetings should be recorded and reported and how the community should be consulted.
  • The role of Argyll and Bute Council.
  • What the make up of the negotiating body planning the process should be.
  • How the final Fund amount per year should be calculated.
  • What the make up of the future body which would administer and distribute the Fund should be.
  • How funding for skills/education/training could be used in 2012-13.
  • Negotiation stages and timetables for the process.

It was agreed that the above points would be on the agenda for the first stage of the discussions. The second stage would focus on what the Fund would be used for and what its amount would be. Each stage would end with a community consultation in the form of either an open afternoon or an evening public meeting.

There will be further meetings on 14th February and 21st February with the community consultation on Stage 1 soon after. Stage 2 will then commence immediately, with the object of final approval by the community, which would be Stage 3, around April 2012.

This is a joint update from the Trust and SPR. It was agreed at the meeting that these updates should be joint and not be included in the regular SPR updates. Full minutes of the CPF meetings will be available to the public at the end of each Stage of negotiations.

Tiree Community Development Trust is neither for nor against the proposed wind farm development and this process is a continuation of the fact finding mandate given by the community at public meetings in 2009/10. If anyone has any queries regarding the above please contact Donnie Campbell or the Tiree Trust office.

Windfall Fund

tilleyOn Monday 13 December TREL was delighted to make its first transfer of money generated by Tilley to the Trust. A cheque for £10,000 has been formally handed to the Trust. Further transfers will be made in 2011.

Over the life of the turbine, TREL will transfer all its available net income to the Trust after meeting its operating costs, including Bank repayments and other reserves. The money is held by the Trust in a ring-fenced bank account at RBS and can only be used for the Windfall Fund and is not used for staff or office costs.

There will be an open day on Saturday January 29 at An Talla to launch the Windfall Fund. The day will probably start at 1pm and finish about 4.30pm and refreshments will be served all afternoon. The application process, eligibility, how applications will be scrutinised and the selection criteria will be explained. Application forms and guidance notes will be available on the day and afterwards from the Trust office and online at the Trust’s website. The deadline for applications for the first round of awards is 31 March 2011. There will be further application rounds later in the year. For 2011, the amount of each grant awarded will be limited to a maximum of £1,000.

Once again TREL and the Trust would like to thank the Co-operative Bank and the BIG Lottery Fund for their support. Lynne, Tiree’s Local Development Officer, will also be explaining at the Open Day the work she is doing on updating the Community Development Plan and will be asking what projects you would like to see developed and how.


Ian Tainsh has stepped down from the Board of TREL after nearly 5 years of unstinting unpaid voluntary work. TREL, the Trust and the Tiree Community owe Ian a huge debt of gratitude for the determination and incredible amount of work he has put into making TREL a success and ensuring Tilley is here on the Island and generating money for all of us. We will miss not only his technical accounting and governance help but also his deadpan comments and turn of phrase. We wish Ian well and a well-deserved rest.