No Tiree Array Newsletter July 2011

Tiree Array (artists impression)

SPR Visualisations

As per our last newsletter, NTA had hoped to debate the SPR visualizations presented by SPR at its Public Information Day. Our original request SPR was met:-
‘ We are currently considering electronic presentation of our montages and will revert to you once we’ve made a decision’. Three (3) weeks after our original request SPR have still to make a decision.

So the starting point in this constricted debate has to be SPR’ s statement to NTA;- ” …the photos used were those with best visibility out of multiple days on Tiree ” So what, and how is “ best visibility “ defined ? The visibility data from the Met Office for the multiple days on Tiree, reveals that when SPR’s photos were taken (between 06.15-07.30 BST), the visibility was 19Km. This explains the comment on one of the visualisations to the effect that Skerryvore (at approx 22Km) was obscured. But at 1200 hrs GMT the visibility was 28Km and remained at 28Km into the early evening ,and, on the next day, at the same time as the previous day, when the photos used for these montages were taken, the visibility was 35km.

Is “best visibility ” the longest range of visibility or are other criteria defining elements of “ best visibility “? We have to look to Marine Scotland (MS) Scoping Response to understand the ‘totality’ of these defining elements which SPR’s visualizations have to fulfill for the Licensing Process ie ;- “ All aspects of the proposed development to illustrate it “in the round” including assessment of the proposal in a range of light conditions”.

SPR attached many caveats to the visualizations presented, but in its ‘multiple days’ on Tiree, SPR took photos in a range of light conditions, but in selecting to present visualizations on one specific light condition, SPR omitted to make any reference to MS’s requirement that visualizations need to be in a ‘range of light conditions’. Go to : for a fuller debate on visualizations.

Viewpoint Selection

It is a Marine Scotland’s licensing recommendation ‘that a public consultation is held’ . NTA is in dialogue with TCDT to arrange such a public consultation.

Tiree Master Plan

A&B Council has only recently released this document to NTA . To read this document go to . NTA is studying this document, and will address the many issues raised in our next Newsletter.

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