On Being Rescued

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I had the doubtful pleasure of being a ‘rescued casualty’ in the Tiree Multi- Agency Emergency Responders Exercice held over Easter Week – end.

On the Sat night, in the 1st incident I was the ‘voice’ to the dummy casualty trapped under a quad bike, on the machair, with a broken femur and pelvis. I became the casualty, after the ‘dummy ‘ had been moved onto a stretcher sledge.

On the Sun morning, in the 2nd incident, my ‘wife’ and I had capsized our kayak in rough seas. We lost the kayak and swam to shore, only to be battered onto the rocks of a headland, to await rescue. My ‘wife’ was semi concious, ‘bleeding’ from her ear with a possible bad head injury. I was a Type 1 diabetic.

In both incidents I was in awe at the professionalism of Tiree’s Rescue services and the resources at their disposal.

Tiree, you are in very safe hands.

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