Let’s Hear It for Tiree

How lucky are we to be living on Tiree just now? Although we are each isolated in our own way, there is still a sense of being part of a community, and a caring, proactive and responsible one at that. We also have vast, empty open spaces for our prescribed daily exercise. Spare a thought for those crammed into anonymous city flats. A lot of messages of gratitude have been conveyed to our front-line medical staff and carers, and rightly so, but there are many unsung heroes on the island that must continue with their jobs and voluntary work in order to provide lifeline services to the rest of us. So, a huge THANK-YOU! to all food providers, shop staff, delivery drivers, pier and airport personnel, posties and postal staff, internet providers, telephone engineers, water and electricity supply personnel, petrol and fuel providers, waste disposal staff, police, emergency services personnel, and An Tirisdeach. All these services help us stay safe and connected at this strange and difficult time.