Ranger News

Hiya folks, How are we all doing?

Well Spring is here after the windy few weeks of Feb. The Skylarks are singing and we are starting to see other migrant birds arrive back, including the Lesser Black-backed Gulls that would have overwintered in Portugal and Morocco. It’s great to see the Fulmars back wheeling around Balephetrish as well.

There has been a couple of Otter road casualties in the last few months and I just want to say thanks to folk for reporting and if you see a dead, or even better, a live Otter please keep letting me know.

I attended the Eurasian Otter Conference online over the weekend and there has been a lot of work done identifying individual Otters by their footprints. Like us they have markers in their pads that can be picked up by computer modelling, such as where they put pressure when they are walking that, can help identify them. The folk behind this research are happy for me to send them prints which will help identify the range of different individual Otters around Tiree. Super high-tech stuff and quite exciting. Hopefully update you on this soon.

On the theme of Otters, some of you joined me for the Cùram talk the other day. I’ve had a flurry of requests to repeat the talk and to open it to those off island so I hope to firm down a Zoom date shortly for it to go ahead before the end of March. With the Lockdown continuing for the time being there is a pause on physical Ranger events but when the situation allows I will look at doing the bespoke events such as the Otter walks, rock pooling etc. like I did last year. These were very popular and having small groups ensured Covid rules were followed

. On that note, we have kept the bookings closed for the Croft Camping Sites at the moment for May and June but will allow bookings from July onwards from the end of the week. Obviously, this will all be dependant that travel restrictions are lifted and adhered to if folk live in an area where they still apply but if you have any friends who usually use the sites then get them to keep an eye on www.isleoftiree.com/croft-camping for updates.

And to end on some happy news, I heard at the weekend that two of the three Grey Seal pups, Banjo and French Horn, that were sent to the SSPCA Fishcross Wildlife Hospital have been released back into the wild. A third, Cello, unfortunately died from a sudden illness before release but it’s great to know that all the effort from folk here on Tiree and the Wildlife Hospital has meant that two have made it. They were released on the East coast along with other pups.

Myself and the rest of the Trust staff are still home working so it’s best to get a hold of me by email ranger@tireetrust.org.uk or on 01879 220074. You can also contact me on my own mobile 07506037113 if it is an emergency. So just a short update for now Until next time…