Abseiling Success

I did it!

When I signed up for the Forth Rail Bridge abseil I had not realised just how high 165 feet actually is so the nerves kicked in a bit when I looked up at the bridge from the ground.

I got kitted out and made the long climb to the starting point. Then came the scary part, standing on a little ledge leaning into thin air hanging on grimly to a railing and being told to let go and work the ropes. Having managed that I started my descent and despite getting a bit of a buffeting, as it was very windy, it became an amazing experience.

Radio Lollipop were doing commentary so Tiree got a mention! The commentator also shouted for me to give a wave which I did though a bit tentatively.

elspeth_abseil2 Safely back on the ground I realised how lucky I was to have seen the fantastic views – and to have heard a train rumble closely overhead!

The whole day was extremely well organised by The South Queensferry Rotary Club and Glasgow Climbing Centre. I would like to thank the many people who have supported me so generously enabling me to raise £550 for St Columba’s Hospice in memory of my friend Marjory Walker. The total far exceeded my expectations so many many thanks again.

I must also thank the 9 friends and family who came to watch me and shout encouragement even though they reckoned I was totally mad!!

Elspeth Gillies

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