Tiree Community Development Trust Community Partnership Fund (CPF) Meeting with SPR


  • Tiree Trust LogoDate 24th January 2012
  • Time 7.30pm
  • Venue An Talla
  • Present Trust Directors : Roger Jarvis, John Bowler, Mark Armstrong, Pat Campbell, Fiona Munn , Tish MacKinnon, Kate MacCallum, Rosaleen Campbell
  • Trust Staff: Andy Wright
  • Apologies: Trudy Mackenzie
  • SPR: Donnie Campbell, Ralph Thornton (by phone)

1. Welcome and introductions. RT gave some background to SPR’s plans to set up a Community Partnership Fund
for the people of Tiree. The Fund would be established this year possibly by April and would initially fund
skills, education and training in renewables sector. This would increase, if consent was given for the wind
farm, by tens of thousands of pounds. By 2019 there would be money in the fund for non educational/training
projects which would be a sum in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds at this stage.
2. It was agreed that the aim was to have community agreement on the role of these meetings by March/April
2012 (agreements in the meetings will be recommended to the community for ratification with the whole CPF
proposal being eventually agreed and ratified in this way), following 3 stages; Stage 1 – Establishing the basics
of how the fund will be set up and operated. Stage 2 – Establishing how the Fund will be managed and the
amount. Stage 3 – Bringing first two stages together with community agreement. Approval of that aspect of the
project would not influence approval or otherwise of other major aspects, which would be separate issues.
3. Protocols – Draft minutes of joint meetings for CPF will be prepared by AW and DC and approved by TCDT
and SPR at next meeting. Reporting – Joint updates in An Tirisdeach. Public Consultation – Public
Information Days (PIDs) after stage 1 & 2 then possibly a public meeting after stage 3 (to be discussed at future
4. Argyll and Bute Council are aware of the discussions about a CPF but are not looking to get involved.
Discussion took place about how this fund could potentially influence Council framework for other wind farms.
5. The composition of the Fund negotiating body was discussed. SPR suggested 3-4 Trust directors, 2 nominated
co-opts and 2 nominated co-opts appointed according to strict criteria plus 2 SPR. TCDT felt that as a
democratically elected group of community members, they are in a fair position to negotiate any proposed
fund. This would allow them to report back to the community what the potential benefit could be if the array
goes ahead. TCDT would likely seek expert advice from the Tiree community and beyond at various stages of
the discussions including the use of additional co-opted directors. This will be discussed further at future CPF
6. TCDT will take minutes of CPF meetings, which will be approved by TCDT and SPR at the following meeting
before being made available to the community.
7. The composition of the fund management body was discussed. This could be a current organisation on the
island which is set up to distribute funds such as TCDT, a variation of TCDT, a new body based on the Trust
model or a new community interest company specifically set up for this purpose. This will be discussed
further at future CPF meetings.
8. SPR suggested that the value of the CPF be based on the Community Growth Plan for Tiree, created by Tiree
Development Partnership and updated recently by the HIE Local Development Officer for Tiree. A discussion
took place about how the Plan could be valued. TCDT suggested valuing the Fund based on £ per MW or £ per
head as there is a precedent for this with other wind farms. SPR were of the view that the quantum could not
be based on MW or population and that the Growth Plan was a good basis. There was also a discussion about
whether income from Tiree’s community turbine would be taken into account in any potential funding of the
growth plan. This will be an ongoing topic of discussion at future CPF meetings.
9. Item Skills/Education/Training was deferred until the next meeting.
Meeting closed at 10pm

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