A Blast From The Past

As an Tirisdeach went to print, it was reported that the residents of Sandaig had been asked to evacuate their homes from 10am on Wednesday morning (3rd of August), in order to allow specialists to investigate the discovery of an old WW2 bomb.

The bomb was found by local Billy MacLean on Tuesday morning, most likely washed up from the sea. It was reported to local police and coastguard and the situation was taken very seriously, with a 5 unit bomb disposal team arriving on Tiree on Wednesday to investigate and control the situation. We understand, that thankfully the bomb was empty and no controlled explosions had to take place. However, all precautions were taken to ensure the safety of islanders as the blast could have travelled as far as a mile and a half and caused a lot of destruction to homes and surrounding areas. Local Sandaig resident Maurice Wright is pictured with the ‘Royal Navy – Bomb Disposal’ Van which was on the island as a result of the discovery!

Noted on An Iodhlann website, it is not the first time that a bomb has washed up on Tiree: ‘“A few weeks later a gale refloated the mine and it crashed against the rocks below the Banker’s House, exploding violently. All the windows were smashed. A piece was recovered from Beinn Gott and the key fell out of the door at Adavale, half a mile away. – Hugh MacKinnon, Baugh Thankfully there was no explosion this time round!

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