Friendly Food


The Friendly Food business has held its final board meeting for their cook book project. The budding entrepreneurs from the Primary 5-7 English class have sold an amazing 146 cook books. They also grew tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and a variety of herbs, some of which you may have had the opportunity to taste on a visit to Elephant’s End two weeks ago. Pupils were keen to taste the fruits of their labours and got the opportunity to do this at the end of term when they made tasty bruschetta using their own tomatoes and basil.

With the help of Mr. Neil Connor, the pupils went on a trip round the island to collect money from various businesses which sold the book on their behalf. Miss McVey and all of the Friendly Food employees would again like to thank those businesses which helped to sell cook books and also those which kindly sponsored the business at the outset. A special thank you must be made to Elaine Hutchison who has supported the project in many ways.

The few remaining copies of the cook book are on sale in Elephant’s End. We hope those who have purchased a copy of the book continue to enjoy cooking and tasting the recipes. Pupils are deciding the route which their business should take next. However all are keen that the Friendly Food message should be heard loud and clear. This is that we should celebrate local, in-season produce to help reduce our carbon footprint.

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