Terrific Tiree

I got back from Tiree yesterday and wanted to tell you how much I absolutely loved it.

I’ve been to many of the Hebridean islands but Tiree is without doubt one of the most beautiful and friendliest. It has everything you hope an island to be in Scotland, many stunning beaches – all magical in their own way, swathes of the most beautiful wild flowers and the excitement of watching kite surfers, wind surfers, kayakers and others who connect with the sea in a most exhilarating way.

I can’t do water sports because I have a physical disability, but I came away from Edinburgh (where I live) to read, write, seek some sort of solace and meet interesting people on the way! What I didn’t expect was how I managed to get to do some of these things. I hitched!

I have never hitched in my life before despite being told it’s fine to do so on Tiree. On the day, hardworking ‘Dial-A-Bus’ Nancy did her tour, I had no choice but to do so! Every car with spare space picked me up. I met Andrew who took me around much of the island to ‘Blue Beyond’ a stunning gallery of pictures and pottery, locals from Hynish and Vaul Bay and some couples and families enjoying their summer holiday on the way. Some of the folk staying at the hostel (including film Director Paulo) and David (owner of Millhouse hostel) took me around the island too stopping by Tiree Pottery where I managed to pick up a few unique and beautiful items.

All these people had a ‘story’ and for each person I took away a ‘part of them’ to cherish forever. Tiree is without doubt my favourite holiday destination thus far and I’d like to thank everyone on Tiree for making it so, especially David.

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