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Historical School Photographs

Cornaigmore school 1915

Cornaigmore School ca 1915, Headmaster Mr Ewan on right. The school mistress may be Betty Ann MacDonald of Cornaigbeg.

We have a number of school and form photographs –135 to be exact – but we are very keen to copy more,from long ago to last year.

If you have some, please let us know. We can copy it and get it back to you in a few days, and telling us who is in them is just as important.

Ruiag school

Ruaig School 1925-6. L-R: (back row) Robert MacLeod, teacher; Neil MacDonald, Brock; ?; ? ; Archie Falls; Charlie Lamont; Archie MacFadyen, Ardeas; Lachie MacLean, Vaul;
(2nd back row) Donald MacDonald, Brock; Mary Donnelly *; Morag Lamont; Peggy Nicholson *; Kate MacGill *; Annie MacLean (now in Africa); Chrissie MacInnes, Salum; Flora MacKinnon, Dunmore; Mary MacKinnon, Seaside, Vaul; Ina Anderson *; Donald MacArthur, Milton; Donald Archie Cameron; Miss MacKinnon, teacher from Mull;
(middle row) Hughina MacDonald; Flora MacLean, Caoles;
(2nd front row) Jessie MacGill *; Elsie MacKinnon, Lodge Farm, Kirkapol *; Lizzie MacGill *; Lizzie Barr *; Ina Falls *; Annie Lamont, Ruaig; Maggie MacKinnon; Lizzie Hobbins (cousin of Lachaidh Sheumais); Effie MacArthur, Roisgeal;
(front row) Neil MacLean, Carnan; Angus Lamont; Lamont twin; Lamont twin; John Falls *; Mark Hare *; David MacLean; John MacFadyen, Ardeas; Effie Berry (Donald Berry’s mother); Lachie MacFadyen; Ruby MacDougall *; 44 Willie MacIntosh.
(* boarded out)

If you can recognise anyone in this photo check to see if we’ve got it right!