Tiree Parish Church of Scotland Welcomes New Minister

ordination attendees

Elspeth Jane MacLean’s Ordination and Induction took place in Kirkapol Church on 14th July 2011 at 2.00pm. This was a very moving, spiritual service led by the Rev. George G. Cringles, Moderator. Mr Ian MacLagan, Presbytery Clerk, welcomed everyone and read the intimations. Rev George Cringles, Moderator, called everyone to worship, the Rev. Dr. Roderick MacLeod read in Gaelic and Rev. Clifford R Acklam preached an interesting and amusing sermon.

Midway through the service the Ordination and Induction vows were made followed by the Signing of the Formula which Mr Ian MacLagan, Presbytery Clerk, read to the congregation. The Ordination and Induction Prayer was led by the Rev. George G. Cringles, Moderator, and the laying on of hands was followed by the Lord’s Prayer. The giving of the Right Hand of Fellowship was extended by the 16 members of the Presbytery who attended the service.

Reverend EJ Maclean

The congregation offered their welcome and promised their support and encouragement to the Rev. Elspeth Jane MacLean. In the front pew, supporting Elspeth on her special day, were her Mum, Mrs. Pat Hollis, son Duncan, daughter Shona and sister Erica. Around 20 people from Aberdeen and further afield also attended. Quite a number of people who had hoped to be there, were unable to attend for a variety of reasons. The service was closed with the Benediction.

After the service a Fellowship afternoon tea was available for everyone. The congregation had laid on a wonderful spread of home baking, sandwiches, sausage rolls, tea, coffee and juice. Everyone enjoyed the hospitality especially the visitors from far and wide.

There were speeches and thanks made by Mr. Ian MacLagan, Presbytery Clerk. Lachie MacKinnon welcomed Elspeth on behalf of the Baptist Church, Donald MacArthur gave a warm welcome including some jokes on behalf of Tiree Parish Church and Donald MacKinnon, Interim Moderator read out good wishes from people who were unable to attend. Rev. Frank Ribbons praised Elspeth on her achievements, personality, compassion and understanding. Elspeth was invited to say a few words, in which she thanked her Mum, family, friends and all those who contributed to make it such a special day. Patrick Boyd thanked Donald MacKinnon, Interim Moderator, for all his help and diligent support in providing Locum ministers for the past four years, by presenting Donald a gift from the congregation.

Tiree Parish Church of Scotland’s new minister the Rev. Elspeth Jane Maclean, was Preached in by the Rev. Frank Ribbons on Sunday 17th July 2011 at 11.30am. in Kirkapol Church.

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